Booking Policy

* All deposits to secure any appointment are non refundable.

*A £50 non refundable deposit is required to secure any wedding date. Until it is secured, the date is left open. The remaining balance must be settled on the day.

A minimum of 4 makeups is required to book a wedding date.

Once the remaining balance has been confirmed, it does not change should any makeups drop out.

If under any circumstances you have to cancel your bridal makeup booking, the remaining balance must still be paid in full if less than 3 months notice isn’t given.

  I ask for no one to smoke in the area I am working in as this is damaging to my brushes and general kit. 

For single makeup bookings £10 non refundable deposit is required.

No booking under any circumstances is secured until a deposit has been paid. 

Trials are from January – April Thursdays and Fridays only as I am booked Friday through Sunday with bridal parties. For winter weddings trials are booked in september and October. It is your resposibilty to book in ahead of time for your trial. 

Please bring no more than one person with you to your trial. 

*All trials and occasion makeups must be paid after completion of service.

Should any members of the party become aggressive, threatening or violent the service will be terminated and paid in full. 

Prices are subject to change. Prices upon enquiry will always be honoured. 

Any pictures of work taken can be used on the website or social media. If they cannot be used please let me know. 

In the unlikely event of an allergic reaction I take no responsibility as brushes and materials are cleaned thoroughly weekly and before each and every makeup. Allergies must be known before the makeup begins. 

Cancellations : * If you cancel your booking three months or less before the wedding date, the remaining balance must be paid in full. *

Emergencies: * In the unforeseen circumstances of an emergency I will endeavour to find a replacement from my 25+ list of trusted MAC artists. Full detail of your trial, makeup and location will be passed on to ensure the highest level of service. * In the unlikely event we are unable to find a replacement we will give a full refund. Trial not included.

Travel: * If there are parking costs these must be paid in full by the client. This can be added onto your final quote. 


Thank you for booking Natalie Grace make-up artist. I am thrilled to be a part of your day and look forward to meeting you snd your bridal party soon.